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Full Version: Yo! I'd like to join MODS :D
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Yo! I'm Peter aka West aka Randal. I'm 22 (in october 23). I'm from Poznan in Poland. I like to play games, but I love music and anything about it. I'm playing guitars (but sadly not that often like a few years ago) and also creating some songs in Guitar Pro 5.2 (same). Here's some samples (sorry for bad quality, but it was recorded on old PC - anyway enjoy):
I was playing MODS Zombies since v1.0 or v1.1 - I'm not sure, but I've been playing CoD:UO almost since it came out. I was a one of the first 10 members in Easy Company 506th clan (under the command of Ldr.Foley - no joking here, check old website: ). After 2 years I've become a leader of 4th squad as First Lieutenant, then new leaders just kicked me out, 'cause I didn't join for a trainings (which were about 1-4am in the night). Then I was in small Polish clan 12pl (but it quickly falls down), next in SAWB (but maybe for a 2 months - I was looking for something like Easy, but it wasn't like that). Also I was an active player of GTA:SA-MP - mainly on FreeRoam/DM servers and also as an Admin, vHA,HA on a few Polish servers and a Clan Leader. Anyway like I said before, I was playing MODS Zombies for a very long time. xD Even once one of the owners of MODS said that I was one of the best Zombie players that he ever saw. xD If I good remember he also was from Poland, but I'm not sure about that. Tongue

Anyway if you want you can find some of my accounts here:

YouTube (maybe one day I'll make some GamePlay on RotU):

Xfire (sadly it's off):



Gadu-Gadu (If you have it xD):

I say: yes!! 113 but just wait for Fabio!  77

I remember that Clan "Easy Company 506th" and Foley! V1.41 Good memorias!!
Yeah, Foley - best leader I've ever meet in this game. Tongue I'll always remember those trainings with him and guys. Tongue I've probably never liked new leaders in Easy(not only me, but some first members of Easy also). When Foley disappeared a lot of things rapidly changed in Easy - It wasn't same clan anymore. :c
Thanks for your application.

Welcome to the MODS clan 1
Be active in forums and gameserver.

You can put MODS tag infront of your name.

Best regards
Welcome West!!  113 6 1
Welcome West i hope you'll enjoy your stay 1
Welcome to the Clan West
Welcome :clap:
Welcome West... !! <3