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Full Version: Dropper challenge
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Hey i want talk about dropper challenge 

Can you delete this delay !!

Now we drop like 10 weapons and we got only + 1 for challenge it s really boring ! 
And if you want avoid the probleme about chaging class and drop directly weapon , make a delay when we join a class we can t drop weapon before 10 second or make + 0 for  challenge when Hk ump gun is dropped

Tnx imo. And some player done this challenge with old rules
yea and i think this challenge was actually made fo teamplayer when a new player comes in the miggle of wave like 10 11 etc the uses ump and its not nice to use weak weapons at high waves so it maybe to give weapons to team
Excatly tesa, this challenge is meant for team playing and dropping weapons for your team from time to time. But literally almost everyone of you is abusing any possible exploit, kinda sad.
I won't remove the delay for that challenge
The only problem i saw, that many players Drops the weapon and going to spec to join another Surviver, to drop again Weapons.
i dont know exactly if it works, but if yes. its really sad.
i agree with fabio.
Can you see code wise or a player picked up a weapon?
(07-01-2021, 02:24 AM)Soldier . . . Wrote: [ -> ]Can you see code wise or a player picked up a weapon?

Nope, that's not possible..