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Dear Members and Players,

a completely new danger has been spotted.
It looks like the zombies are going to start an attack as immense as never before.

Prepare yourself!
Watch out and protect your ass ...
... or you will be eaten by the zombies soon.

New waves - New Maps - New Weapons - New Zombies - New Gameplay

The revolution of Zombies has already started.

To promote this project please feel free to give a little donation.

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Release date is estimated for 10.05.2014 (+/- 10 days)

Post your suggestions here in this topic!
Mappers please contact me via PM.
Admin applications via contact form.

Best regards,
[Masteradmin and Developer]
[email protected]


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Post your suggestions in this topic please!
Really good work Fabio your a GREAT admin!
Go on like this and i will always be on your side Smile

Dear Players,
RotU - Revolution is as near as we never expected.

I don't know how many the zombies are.
I don't know how they will attack us.
And I don't know if we need an offering to fight against them.

I know this is going to be a hard fight.
I know not everybody will survive this.
And I know every fight is going to be dramatic.

Prepare now! Don't wait! Join us and train for the final fight.

The Invasion could start today. Maybe tomorrow.
Nobody knows.
Give your best. Do it for you. Do it for our lives.

Dear Players,
I am sorry to tell you about this but you should know it anyway.
The release will take longer as expected due to problems in my life.

Sorry for this but nobody expected that - Even not me!

It´s no problem fab just stay strong with your real life, and i´m here for you. 1
Sorry to hear...Take the time you need,
Head up high and remember life goes on...dont miss it.

My thoughts are with you

/Forau Angel
No problem Fabio personal life is more important than a 'game'
I have relationship problems too been trying to get rid of the wife for years
Dear Players,

well done on keeping the zombies away from our area.

The new danger is expected at the 11th of May.
Please prepare and be ready!


beautiful executed

Any ETA Fabio?

I appreciate work/social/life balance is always a game changer.

Hope all is well too!
Well done Fabio. This update is great.
You really have done a excellent job.
Looking forward whats next.

Keep up the good work 1
I'm glad to hear that.
A few bugs to fix are still left ... 1

Next update comming soon, when i got some time Wink