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Full Version: can't join
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Hi I can't join in game and write me Game code(ui _x86.dll) failed pure server check. Pls how to fix and play on the server? :1 sorry for bad english 1
try to run the game as administrator (right clic on game icone -> Run As Administrator)
no work again :/
The only advice I can give you is to reinstall your game...
thx now missing 4 sound file or in bad format what the fuck? Smile 
This problem has popped up before on the Forum, be patient someone will help you.

Found this dont know if it will help
have you tried google search it?
Have you applied patches = >1.51?
Could be bad install
another option uninstall cod 1/uo go and delete the COD folder. Install cod 1 restart computer the install UO.
Is it a clean install? Or already Maps and Mods? If so, remove them all..
Another thing you can try, is to plug-in your speakers.. helped sometimes
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