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Full Version: ARC is moving!
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Friend: "Hey ARC, how was your 12 days holiday?"
ARC: " Errmmm hot, very hot."
Friend: "Did you do anything special?"
ARC: "Errmm I suppose, I did lots of work-out on my arms."
Friend: "Ohh, the gym?"
ARC: "No, painting and moving all my crap when it's 38°c outside." 63

Still working a lot. Almost finished my living room.
Bedroom is still undergoing some work. Need to get everything finished before monday  20
[Image: ce6cc3ae3f.jpeg]
[Image: f5c998085.jpeg]
[Image: 9828ce055.jpeg]
I like the photo of the corner with nothing in it. We should all go and stand there when we fail to get through level 20? How big is ARC's place do you think ? A full team would they get in there and would the beer in his fridge be enough for me and Harmony let alone the rest of the gang?
(07-01-2015, 09:32 PM)Connection Interrupted Wrote: [ -> ]would the beer in his fridge be enough for me and Harmony let alone the rest of the gang?
Errrm I'm willing to discuss that. 10
Did you move into someone's closet?  7
Judging on the paint I used (and payed), that's one big fking closet...
Must of been one expensive can of I think my bathtub is bigger than you kitchen 10
To leave some nice words here: Well done! I'm impressed haha 21
it looks little but you like in cocon in here 1 but i'm sur you will get hot temperature too in...good luck Arc 1
It looks small on the photo's. And indeed, it ain't the biggest kitchen xd
And I'm finished. 1

[Image: 5903fe1.jpeg]

Kitchen + diningroom:
[Image: 099983a.jpeg]

[Image: 889c7042c.jpeg]
[Image: 0e0874ac00.jpeg]
Well done ARC 1
Nice work ARC
Yeah nice Arc it looks good 1
Thanks guys 1