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Full Version: Graphic Card Kaput
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Hey all my graphics card packed up any recommendation. Just good priced good card. thinking of GTX 970? why
(HD 7870 kaput card 2 weeks out of warranty ffs)
This graphic card is the one i will get 1
I was looking at that one also, seems very similar to GTX970
Both are good GPU's

The 970 is a bit better overall.
But the 290 is cheaper (especially used).
If possible go for a aftermarket cooler on it. Better cooling and less noise.

There has been some commotion about a performance drop with the 970, if it uses more then 3,5GB of his memory.
But that only realy happens with high resolutions.
Thanx Soldier worrying about heat from R9 290 bit of a minefield really
The Tri X OC Version of R290 has 3 coolers and you nearly can't hear it..
A friend got it. And it's easy to overclock using Omega Drivers
Thanx Fabio think I'm edging towards that one now.
That's why I said:
Quote:If possible go for a aftermarket cooler on it.

Most reference cards are hotheads. 14 10
It's true AMD a bit more then NVIDIA, but still all hotheads compared to GPU's with aftermarket cooling. Wink
'After Market cooling' not sure what that is is it custom fans?
With aftermarket I mean a card with a other cooler then what is on the reference card.
For example the card Fabio mentions.

Reference card of the R9 290

R9 290 with a aftermarket cooler (most of them)
Ok got it thnks
I still recommend tri x oc 1
Yes Fabio that card looks best all-round buy I get that one I think.
Thanks guys for your help.
Agree Mr C , Hard to choose , i cant decide either...
Found one interesting article:

or cheapest village idiot solution ; a regular 254 graphic and a lawn mover for cooling.


Check this baby out.
Its a minefield.
The one Fabio recommended seems best bang for buck and power without spending silly money, this one doesn't have a problem with heat as most R9 290's do. The GTX 970 seems to have some sort of memory problem as Soldier pointed out. I read some reviews on 'Sapphire R9 290 TRI-X OC 4GB GDDR5 Dual DVI Hdmi DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card' temps were about 65 degrees if you can believe reviews, reference R9 290's seem to hit 85/90 degrees.

Mr F I have an old Geeforce 2 I can send you lol
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