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Full Version: Application Form
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Hello Dear Players!

I made the effort and created an Application Form.

Many Players do not know how to start to submit a good Application.
In the future, all you have to do is copy and fill out this application form.
*Copy the Application form, and start a new Topic/Thread.

Best regards,

Application Form:

- Realname?:

- From?:
- Age:?:
- In-Game name?:
- Hobbys?:
- How much you play on a Week?:
- Why do you want to be a MODS Member?:
- Whats your Playtime?:
- Whats your Rank?:
- Whats your Level?:
- About you?:
Hey ! 

Yes it's a nice idea ! i hope next players who will apply will take example on this