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Full Version: My Application to join MODS
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Hello, 53

i would like to be a member of Rotu community i'm so crazy Tongue about the server and its nice community .

( Application )

in game name: FrontZet 4
i'm from Egypt i live in Cairo ( my first language is Arabic and my second language is English ) .
time played: 1405 Hours and more coming up it's just the beginning .
Level: 365
i think i got no ban before .
Hobbies: playing old live online games .

and I like to help players in console commands ( Binds and fps ) , challenges , Best class for each wave , giving guns , revive and more.
i played a lot on cod 1 and cod uo servers ( TDM and BAS ) from 2016 with the same name FrontZet 4 but maybe many of you don't remember me . after i discovered Rotu server became my only game on pc and i'm happy to fight back the zombie invasion with you .

Why I join ? i got really good times with you all, I got more info about the game, I want to help new players and give ideas to admins to keep server exciting also reporting bugs  .

41 Much love to Fabio for making good strong server for all ( low and high pc abilities ) and Much love for all Dear Admins and Dear players of Rotu.
You are making me Enjoy so much, Thank you !!! Heart

Best Regards, 53
FrontZet 4
Hi front ,  for me you are a nice players and you always try to help
That why my vote is Yes 
Good luck

My vote is yes
my vote is also a yes ur a very good player u like helping people out and try to do good things i like it good luck with ur applications
It's a yes from me too! Front is a very social player and supportive to all of us. He takes the new players under his wing. He is a pleasure to slay zombies with :-) Keep up the good work !
Hi Front, from me a Yes too!
Hello FrontZet,

Thanks for your application!

I think you're a great guy and you deserve to join us, you are often active and help people.
That's why in name of MODS Clan we accept you to family.

We wish you a warm welcome to MODS family!

You can now wear MODS tag in your name.

Best Regards MODS Team,
hi all, 53

Thanks a lot for supporting me you all are amazing and it's pleasure to be with you .
i hope i can be helpful all the time for Admins , all players and spending good times with you .

Best Regards, 53
FrontZet 4
Welcome !
hey fronzet ....congrats ... welcome to the family hope we get along ... good luck .. see u in game 1