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Full Version: want to join MODS community
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Hello there, I want to join the MODS community
Age: 21
Nationality: India
small hours play
ask for admin when you start play
But you are welcome on ROTU
Hey sorry but it 's no , 
Play server more time and be friends with players and spent great time on server
ANd after it will be yes maybe 
And say more thing about you on your next application 
Hi dear Gamer,

My vote is for now NO, i didnt saw u before on our RotU server and your play time isnt that much.
Like Imo said, please try to write more about you etc.
Wish you good luck!

Best regards,
Thanks for responding. I have played this game for a longer time (from March 2020) and it's 1 year. But my level is 39 as I had a previous account which somehow failed to respond. My in-game name is Killing machine2000. The 1st one was Rotu Player 689. I had played this game for almost for a month. So please check.
Hi, your level is too low at the moment. Please play a bit more, engange with people and apply again in few weeks/months 1
you are low too Fabio, diying on the first wave, and u are still in MODS <3 <3 <3
lol Manbu , Fabio is bad player , but really good developper and moderator 1
Fabio is my bitch <3