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Full Version: RE: MODS CLAN application
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Greetings esteemed  Developers and Administrators of MODS CLAN and ZOMROTU  77

Please review and accept my application to join MODS CLAN. I am 41 years old and been playing COD for 15 years since it all began. I accidentally found Zomrotu just over a year ago and have since invested over 1850 hours into helping  fight back the zombie invasion.  Congratulations on creating such a successful and addictive server.

My friends and referees include: Evil Aron, Nocs, Vulgus, Royalty, Harmony, Patrick CZ, Noob, Hoot, Yo, T, imo, Aggro, Cetin, Klusek, Marek, BA Jane, Hawkeye, ESO Bzenek, Pato, Bohica, Cherny, Cobrety, DerSchnitter, PurrePirat, Mintzu, Fiks, Jack Schitt, Soup and many many more because I live on Zomrotu  Blush  . I believe they will all vouch for my credentials as a friendly and helpful team player and a good Medic. I also keep all the Noobs constantly revived so they don't leave before they get the hang of it.  

I look forward to your reply as well as joining your MODS Clan. Mutch love to my sponsor Evil Aron, creator Fabio and all our friends here that make enjoying life possible!  Heart Heart Heart  THANK YOU !!!

Kind regards
Hi Britty1 Thx for starting your Applications!

i say =>YES<= 113
Hiii britney , for me it's directly  <YES>
Hey Brtiney, you got my vote 16 113 6 111 59
Well, even if you did not mention me in your message Sad

I AGREE !!!!!!!!!!! Wink
I also agree!
Thanx for your suport Aron, imo and Harmony   Blush also thanx to Tibou and Dark Jedi. Apologies for failing to mention you all  12 but that's only a sign of how many cool friends are on this server.  53 Heart 53 Heart 53 Heart Blush
Thank you very much for your application!

You have been accepted by the whole team!
Welcome to MODS.

Please put the MODS tag infront of your name.

Best regards,
Welcome in Britney   6
Welcome britney !!! good to see you mods !
Thank you all for accepting my aplication  Heart Blush  Heart your suport has been 1000% all the way. Special thanx to my sponsor Evil Aron, creator Fabio and warm welcome by Fashion, Harmony, imo, DarkJedi and Tibou. Keep up the great work  77

Big love and Respect to All  Heart 77 Heart 77 Heart
Since how many time i'm your friend Britney???? hehehe Wink kiss kiss
Congrats, Brit.