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Full Version: Waves (explained) for beginner
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Hello dear community

This is a dictionary to learn the waves to inexperienced players

First we will see the types of zombies and their description:

- Normal zombies: They're the weakest zombies of RotU without any skills.

- Speed zombies: These zombies run faster than the normal zombies, so stay far of them.

- Ice zombies: When these zombies die they will freeze you and slow you down for a short time.

- Toxic zombies: When these zombies die, they release poison gas that deals damage over time.

- Crawler zombies: When these zombies die, they release poison gas and a poison puddle that lasts longer than gas and that deals damage over time.

- Chaos zombies: These zombies can spawn anywhere as they don't have a fixed spawn point.

- Burning zombies: When these zombies die, they explode and deal heavy damage to nearby players.

- Dogs zombies: They are fast zombie dogs. small and causing heavy damage in their ways.

- Night zombies: These are zombies appearing only at night, they are similar to normal zombies, they are more resistant and do not also have skills.

- Stealer zombies: These zombies will try to steal your coins, stop them and win the loot.

- Electric zombies: These zombies on contact will steal energy from you while sending an electromagnetic charge that will slow you down for a short time.

- Grouping lava zombies: These zombies will focus a person who will be named and will therefore have to be defended. if this person dies the fury of the zombies will be unleashed on you until defeat.

- Mixed zombies: This is a deadly perfect mix of zombies, very dangerous and powerful, you will have to be vigilant.

- Normal boss: These are bosses in 2 phases : the first one to send grenades to break their immunities; and the second to inflict maximum damage to them.

- End boss: These are the final bosses which also had 2 phases: the first which is to stab them to break their immunities and the second to inflict maximum damage to them.

- Final zombies: These zombies are the most formidable, no one can resist a hit. You have to be extremely vigilant and keep an eye on your allies.

this is the wave order (When a wave is with 'Random' tag it means only these zombies can spawn "Speed , Ice , Toxic, Crawler, Chaos, Burning, Mixed"

- Wave 1: Normal zombies

- Wave 2: Speed zombies

- Wave 3: Ice zombies

- Wave 4: Toxic zombies

- Wave 5: Random zombies

- Wave 6: Crawler zombies

- Wave 7: Random zombies

- Wave 8: Night zombies

- Wave 9: Boss zombies

- Wave 10: Random zombies

- Wave 11: Random zombies

- Wave 12: Dogs zombies

- Wave 13: Chaos zombies

- Wave 14: 3 Bosses zombies   

- Wave 15: Stealer zombies

- Wave 16: Electric zombies

- Wave 17: End bosses zombies

- Wave 18: Grouping lava zombies

- Wave 19: Mixed zombies

- Wave 20: Final zombies

Check the following thread for waves.cfg which prints all waves ingame:

Best Regards MODS Team,