Reign of the Undead - Revolution

Full Version: New RotU maps
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Hello everyone  Heart Heart  

here you can share what maps you want on RotU.

- send link and screenshots in your post it's better thanks.  Angel Angel

- if you have any questions about maps you can ask, you will have an answer in small delay 1

you can mod D Day i like that
Please Foley follow rules of thread like that:

Link for download map:!1f4CyLyK!0yY5Phey_xwmm...fOj-qc5EBk

[Image: 3917f4711.jpeg]
[Image: 4590f1.jpeg]

Screen of Map and Link for download her.

And sorry your map D-Day is very big map for be made on RotU sorry you can propose other maps 1
Hi! mp_Harbor_2, Farm_2, Shipment, MP Peak are very cool maps!