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Discord Server - fabio - 12-08-2017

[Image: 9aa1a851.png]

Hello everyone!

Since Discord is very trending at the moment and probably the new Teamspeak, I decided to create a server for RotU!
Additionally it's a great way to stay in contact with everyone in this community.
I got the App on my Smartphone so I get your messages instantly and can help you if you have a problem, or just chat with you guys!
(Of course you can talk to other players, too!)

Discord can be used as a Browser version, Desktop Client or on your Smartphone.

[Image: 9a1df53.png] [Image: 11f517.png]

Our server has 3 main categories: Official, RotU Players, General.

RotU Players is only for verified Users. To get verified you need a forum account and have your gameserver account linked.
If you join the server, Helga will explain you how to verify your account Blush
Once you're verified you gain access to the RotU Players category.

Each category has different channels, which probably explain themselves. It's easy to understand!

To join our server use the following link. Invite your friends. Stay connected.

[Image: discord.png]

See you there 1

Best regards,

RE: Discord Server - Short7 - 12-08-2017

I like it, familiar with the app and i'd say its a good change. Thanks for your hard work Mr. Fabio! 21

RE: Discord Server - The Dark Jedi - 12-09-2017

I have joined

RE: Discord Server - Capt Jeremy (FR) - 12-14-2017

Me too and i am so anughty 1