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How to Play RotU [Gameplay Guide] - fabio - 03-04-2015

About the Mod
Reign of the Undead - Revolution is a modification for Call of Duty: United offensive.
RotU - short for Reign of the Undead - is a wave-based zombie survival mod. Different waves of zombies require different strategies and teamplay is a must. Expect new Weapons, new Map, new Specials, Hunterclasses and much more. BUT - Do never attract too much zombies or you won't have a chance to survive. To summarize it, what you will get from this mod is thrilling gameplay with your friends against hordes of zombies.
The mod is developed by Fabio.
Contents & Features
  • many different zombie types with different specials are awaiting your bullets
  • They come in waves. And you never know which one is next. Blast your way through seemingly endless amounts of zombies! There are many different types of waves that can come in any order! Don't try to guess anything, but expect everything.
  • Defend yourselves by using several obstacles and objects! Barrels, Explosives, Turret Guns, Grenade launching Turrets, you name them, you get them!
  • Pay attantion to the shop and weapon box for instant upgrades!
  • This mod can only be beaten when playing as a Team, so always keep an eye out for your fellow survivors, otherwise the game can get out of hand quickly! If possible revie your Teammates as fast as you can by holding [USE] next to them to survive a wave
  • When you are dead, it's not over yet. Teammates will come to help you. Next time better run from Zombies, Attacking is not always the best deffence.
Roles & Abilities
There are currently six roles you can play of which all contribute to the success of your team:
  • Soldier: He embodies the classic hardcore soldier that just loves throwing around his bullets. Running around killing Zombies here, killing Zombies there. Able to become immune to zombie infections, so you can also can do close fights without getting infected. When hit by a Zombie Soldiers can easily heal themselfs by activating their special.
  • Medic: Ah, the classic helper guy. He's the one for reviving quickly, supplying his teammates with sticky Medkits or his Special called Healing Aura that regularly ejects a healing bubble to the surrounding teammates. Medics can also heal infections when skilled enough. If you are the guy who gets hit a lot by zombies, Medic is your class! Damaged?... Just place a Medkit and you are fine.
  • Armored: Equipped with strong, thick clothes, the armored is able to withstand more damage than other classes. Armored Hunters are like the supporters for all other classes. For example the plant ammo. Ammo is really limited in RotU and it's highly recommended to have at least 1 Armored for ammo supply. By using the special he can be immune to zombie infections.
  • Engineer: He's the man for all mechanical things ! Turrets are his proficiency when it comes to dealing damage and power! Engineers' turrets stay longer than others and do much more damage when skilled. Engineers are like the granade masters in every wave. They can easily replenish all their grenades by using their special.
  • Scout: Scouts are perfect for hiding from zombies. Killing zombies without bein noticed by them? Aw, pick Scout then! Scouts can activate their special 'Stealth' and can stick to zombies as near as they want and the zombies will not see them. But what if the special is over and you don't know what to do? Activate the second special 'Escape' and your speed will increase immediately. Just run and you are fine. Scouts are the saviors for critical rounds. Pick scout to save a whole game!
  • Heavy: That's the class for hard guys. Pick this if you want to level fast and make money. But watch out! If 'Fastmoney' special is activated you only have half of your health. Just stay away from zombies and make your money. To support you and your teammates you can place a Damagebooster with boosts the damage for any player in range.
To survive a game it is not recommended just to pick your favourite class. Choose your class whisely to survive the game. Having a Medic for health support, an Armored for Ammo, and Engineer for turrets, a Scout as the last savior if others fails and a Soldier for quick and fast killing is the perfect combination to survive the appocalypse. Don't play on solo, the Team needs every single player.
Zombie types & Waves
  • Normal: We have some 'normal' zombie here. They are just as stupid as other zombies and not doing anything special
  • Speed: Watch out here! Those Zombies are faster then the normal ones and sometimes can hit you really hard. Better stay away from them
  • Toxic: If you see them, better run. The toxic gas they absorb when dying, kills you faster than you think
  • Freeze: It's getting colder and weather changes to snow. The zombies might freeze you if you are too close. When frozen you probably don't have a chance to survive
  • Burning: Opposite to Freeze, we have Burning now. When a bruning zombie is being killed, it will explode. Better avoid those explosions as they can be really heavy
  • Pseudo: Woho whats that?! Highly developed zombies come with 'fake ones' to irritate you. Kill the bosses fast before killing the fake ones
  • Chaos: This wave is like a mess. Zombies appearing in random places. Maybe far away of you, maybe infront of you. Expect everything and be ready. We also have bruning zombies here!
  • Dogs: The appocalypse took over to the dogs. they are small, fast and sneaky. Stay away and don't try too close fights. They kill you really fast
  • Night: What are you going to do in night? What if you can't see the zombies anymore? Watch out if it's dark and Activate your Nightvision (press v 7 b, explained later)
  • Stealer: Money appears somewhere on the map and the stealers want it. Protect it as good as you can, because it will help you afterwards. When protected good enough you can earn a lot of money. If not, the zombies are going to get you
  • Mixed: We have all kinds of zombies here. This wave can be fun, or not if you don't protect yourself. Go back and find a good position for a lot of kills
  • Boss: He can't be damaged by bullets at first. You have to throw nades at him. Engineers are recommended here to replenish all their nades! When his chest has been destroyed by all the nades you can start shooting him! But don't get too close or he will kill you instantly. Also watch out for his special 'stamper' attacks
  • Endboss: This one can be really hard. That's why she only comes once a round. She can do many special attacks like Killing Balls, Mega Booms or Throwing Grenades. Any of these specials kills you instantly. Hide especially from the Booms, e.g. behind a car or a wall. To kill the Master you first have to bash him, later you can shoot
  • Final: The last wave of the whole round. But don't take it too easy. The zombies make much more damage than the rounds before and the toxic gas might also kill you easily. We don't have new zombies here but it still will be a hard wave. Good Luck
Level & Skillpoints
  • In the main menu of RotU you can see how much score if left for the next level up. You can also see an orange bar on the bottom of your hud showing the current status for the next level
  • For every level up you earn one skillpoint
  • Skillpoints can be used for your classes. You can skill classes and activate new abilities (press v 4). Every 5 Skillpoints on a class you unlock a new benefit (e.g. as a Medic you can plant medkits)
  • When you press v 4 you can see the skill menu. Here you can skill classes/weapons by clicking on them
  • When skilled enough on a class the special will be unlocked in the menu of the skilled class
  • When you reset your skillpoints all specials are gone and you can set them skillpoints again (maybe in a different way)
  • If you want to buy a special weapon by Coins (described later) you need 20/20 skillpoints on that weapon
Upgade Points, Energy, Coins
  • You can earn Upgradepoints by killing zombies, reviving teammated, supplying ammo, dropping medkits or placing damage boosters
  • Upgradepoints can be spent at the shop for shopitems (described later) or at the weapon box for new weapons
  • Evergy player starts without energy (Premium Player start with 200 Energy)
  • Energy can be collected by finding Power Ups. Power Ups are placed over the map every wave. When you collect them you have a chance to get some energy
  • You can use energy for 200% Damage, Night vision, Flashlight and Deffence Bubbles (press v 7 to see all features)
  • Deffence Bubbles keep away all zombies from you. It also protects you from nades, and Booms by the master
  • Coins is the most hunted currency on the server. They sometimes appear on the map or you can collect them after the stealer wave (if zombies didn't steal them)
  • You can spent Coins in the shop for special weapons (Which must be skilled out), Upgradepoints, Chopper Gunner, Energy or Exploding Pistol Bullets (the bullets explode when hitting a zombies)
  • If you are bored collecting Coins you can buy more here:

Shop & Weapon Box
  • You can spent upgradepoints and coins at the shop
  • Can be spent for Health, Ammo, Cure infection, Turrets, Grenades, molotov Cocktails, Barrels which stop zombies for a short time
  • The weapon box gives you new weapons
  • There are nearly 100 different weapons in the game, so you will find a good weapon to kill zombies for sure!
  • The weapon box always replaces the current selected weapon, unless you only have one
  • If you want to drop a weapon you can write this in your console: \vsay drop weapon

Good to Know
  • Health Status: The green bar at the lower left of the screen shows how much health you have. If the green health bar depletes down to nothing you will die until the end of the level or the end of the game, or until another player revives you.
  • Special Status: The blue bar below the green bar shows the charge level of your special. If the bar is full Double Tab USE to activate it
  • Bind keys using: \bind [key] vsay [menu] [item] (Example: We want to bind Bubbles on 'x': \bind x vsay 7 a)
  • Activating Specials: Primary Special: Double MELEE, Secondary Special: Double USE
  • You can see description of any special in the menu! Please read this to know what it does exactly
  • Do not use Badwords in the server chat
  • See all ingame Chatcommands here:
  • Premium give you many new features and supports the server. See more here:
  • Happy Hour for Coins every Sunday from 5PM - 8PM (Only half prices for coins):
  • You can see all Serverstats and Gamestats of each round on our website: and
  • Visit us on Facebook:

If you still have questions please feel free to contact me.
Xfire: modsfabio

Have fun playing RotU!

Best Regards