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Full Version: SERVER MOVED
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Hello Guys,

many of you reported heavy laggs in the last few weeks. I checked those laggs myself but could not find the reason.
After many weeks of testing we finally came to the result that this was a hoster problem. That's why we decided to move the server to a better hardware of a better hoster.


If you connect to the old server you will be redirected to the new one automatically (for one more month).

The server is now located in France, hosted by OVH.
The pings will probably be the same as before. You shouldn't see any difference! But the lagg is now gone!

If you have problems with the Server or Website, please post them in this thread. Thanks.

Best regards,

P.S.: The new server is more expensive than the old one, so please don't forget to donate, to buy Premium or Coins 1

[Image: 91b4ece34f.png]