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Full Version: Play without a key!
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Dear Players,

I guess many of you noticed the new update of the account system.
The reason of this major change are the masterservers of Activision. They've been down from time to time and soon they will be down forever.
When the masterservers are down, you don't get your GUID what means you don't get your level.
With the new update this won't happen.

The new update doesn't require the masterservers and doesn't require a valid CD Key.
This means you can play without a legit key!

You can invite all your friends to play, even if they didn't buy the game. They will get their own level on the gameserver.
They can easily join the server by typing the line below into the console:


Alternatively you can connect by searching the server in the serverlist or add it to your favourites.

If you have questions, please feel free to post them in this thread.
If you have problems, post them in this thread, too.

Best regards,
Many players of Cod UO playing without a key

This major change will bring a lots new players I hope it will all work
So, when the master servers finally shut down for good, and more than 12 years and still trucking surprisingly, will I still be able to load up Call of Duty like I've always done and be able to find this server?
You will be able to join and still have your level, yes.

We will see, what we can do to the serverlist...
I noticed the other night there were two servers, but one was protected with a password. What was up with that?
That's the new Server. Read here:

We probably did some tests there last night 1
I would have a question if you could apply a mod to the other server so that all the games are free. Its would be cool all cod uo will take life.
I can‘t decide that for other servers.
It’s for sure possible with a gateway but not my decission