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Full Version: Request to join MODS clan
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- Realname?:John 
- From?:USA
- Age:?: 29
- In-Game name?: Ajax
- Hobbys?:Football,Fishing,Hunting,Making money
- How much you play on a Week?:every single day prolly 4-5 hours
- Why do you want to be a MODS Member?: great staff/mmbers/players fun times and amazing mods on the server
- Whats your Playtime? xD what does this mean im from USA Central time zone i play every day lols
- Whats your Rank?: idk 
- Whats your Level?: 11
- About you?: age 29 love anything fun making friends having good times got a daughter thats 9 love freedom 
Hello Ajax,

I am sorry to say that, but it's a no from me, just yet. The game sense of you is just not there, yet. You seem to be a nice guy and I am not offending you with my answer. IMHO, You need to improve your skills and game sense first then probably re-apply. But it's my opinion only, let's wait for others' answers. -betstar-
Hey, Ajax I have not seen you in the Reign of the Undead Server lately. I still think you should be active and get to know other people. But for me it is a No but we will see what others have to offer and go from there.1

 |MODS| SubZero