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Full Version: Want to join the MODS clan family
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Hi, My name is FaZe_Fish here is some things on why I want to join the team.

- My Real name is Rodney Neal Putnam.

- I am from the United States known as Washington.

- In-Game name is known as FaZe_Fish

- My favorite hobby is playing video games with |MODS| Phoenix and also watching tv or just chill through the whole day instead.

- How much do I play on a Week Well I mostly play daily when I am free or available as well or when I am mostly bored.

- Why Do I want to be a MODS member is because I want to be able to help out and even meet some new friends and being able to enjoy the time playing on the server and killing loads of zombies and reviving the team and help out.

- What's your play time My play time is 2479.89 Hours

- My Rank is 102

- My Level is 333

- About my self is I love playing Call of duty games I played about around 2015 or so I am a person who enjoys Zombie games and I love to play daily when I can and being able to just shoot them. I love cars as well. 


FaZe_Fish  16
My vote is a yes he is an amazing player and I enjoy playing with you
My Vote is Yes! would be great when we can see you in our Family soon1
My vote is yes, first vote in a long time.

Hopefully still means something Smile
If my votes count then i say yes
My vote is Yes!
Calm, not selfish teamplayer. My vote is "yes"!
(09-04-2023, 07:43 PM)server Wrote: [ -> ]Calm, not selfish teamplayer. My vote is "yes"!

Faze fish it young.He didn't master the game. I honestly think he stays in one place and doesn't look behind him and next to him. He blocks players. My opinion.
Application has been declined.