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Reign Of The Undead Suggestions Events

Hi, I just want to add a bit of Suggestions for Rotu.

- Host a 4th Of July Event (We Could Possibly Do A Free Coin Event)

- Halloween Event (Most Players who kill the most skeletons gets either 10 coins or free upgrade points)

- New Year Event (Most Players who have killed the bosses can get free coins or free 100 enegery)

- Easter Event (Add Easter Eggs with double xp and get players to collect them the most people who have collected gets 2 months of premium)

-Ramadan Event (This can include any event maybe add a free upgrade points event killing zombies)

Fabio's Celebration Birthday Event (This Can be for MasterAdmin he gets to choose any event and if he wants to add Other Admin's Birthday to celebrate he can)

-This is Just for Suggestions I wanted to point out that I came across of-

|MODS| SubZero
cool, i liked them all in the main idea  Exclamation
Hello Phoenix,

Thank you for your suggestions for events in Reign of the Undead we really appreciate it. Events are a fantastic way to engage the community and add team player to the gameplay experience.
  • Hosting a 4th of July Event with a Free Coin Event sounds like a good idea to celebrate the independence day and reward players.
  • A Halloween Event centered around killing skeletons and rewarding players who kill the most sounds well. Offering either coins or free upgrade-points as prizes would motivate players to participate and compete for those rewards but can encourage the selfishness.
  • The New Year is already at the same time as Christmas Event.
  • An Easter Event with Easter Eggs for players to collect is a great idea. Offering a premium subscription for the players who collect the most eggs could add an extra incentive for participation.
  • Considering a Ramadan Event in a near future could be a good idea for the inclusivity of our community
  • A Fabio's Celebration Birthday Event is only to him to decide but I don't think we'll create it one day.

We appreciate your contribution to making our community even better. If you have any further ideas or feedback, please don't hesitate to share them.

Best Regards MODS Team,