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Full Version: application form for applying to team mods
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Best Regards,
Team -MODS

I want to apply for team mods

- Realname?:AMEET KAREL
- From?: INDIA
- Age:?: 21
- In-Game name?:WARLORD|AMEET|
- How much you play on a Week?:40-45 hrs
- Why do you want to be a MODS Member?: i think i am a good teamplayer and respectful to others/and seeking for more friends to play multiplayer
- Whats your Playtime?: 385.2 hrs
- Whats your Rank?:198
- Whats your Level?:232
- About you?:not much but a friendly person

My vote is no for now.
- you never buy grenades for hitler
- all time ask for gun
- all time tell pls PU and Coins for me
- insult to other players (bash other players, blocking door...)
Enjoy in game and have fun
Application has been declined due to intolerable behaviour