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Full Version: points power-up before wave 1
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Copied some text from the shoutbox to here

tesa Wrote:Fabio here is a req from me ...
No up pts in wave 1 pls from pu
why no?
because if someone get pts in wave 1 everyone gets bored
and the one who gets pts will get to many pts and the other have less so just to make fair gamr
maybe immune best right at wave 1

fiks Wrote:must have lucky

There has already been a topic for this, but can't find it that quickly.

As Fiks said you need luck to get the power-up where you get a lot of points.
But the points power-up has always frustrated some players even back in the day.

Maybe it's an idea to close the shop until some zombies have spawned in round 1.
It's not that you can buy a lot at the beginning, so that way it doesn't harm a lot of people.

And to keep some variation (from wave 17) you could say:
Shop out of order...
repairman under way
Shop out of order...
repairzombie under way
Maybe even let the zombies targeting the shop first to "repair" (bash) it and then they go after the players.


Soldier . . .
Yes, shop is close in first wave. Like in wave 17. And the unlock at wave 4 buy 100k for 2 coins.
No shop unlocks after wave 1ends I think that will be better and coins for up pts I think 5coins are high
(09-08-2021, 03:57 PM)Soldier . . . Wrote: [ -> ]There has already been a topic for this, but can't find it that quickly.

Found the previous topic:
WT it's 5 years already and nothing changed lol
Well, you can also see it in a different way.
As in:

This isn't really that big of a issue for people.
That it took 5 years before someone complains about it again Wink