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Full Version: possible bugs
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i wonder if this are bugs or it meant to be like that :-

1). after death zombies keep hit the down players preventing us to revive them
     ( screenshot here )

2). if a player open a bubble to escape to spec mod after that bubble disappear but Energy still running out .

could you guys change that if it's possible.

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards,
FrontZet 4
Hello Front,

Thanks for your report. it will be transmitted to the developer 1.

For the first one it's surely not a bug (need to be verified). But for the second it's a bug, it will be corrected as soon as possible.

Best Regards MODS Team,
hi guys,

about  the first one we were in walkway map wave 4 ( toxic ) 3 players ( peco , Hunter and me ) 2 players down i placed bubble on me till i can get my health aura after i placed bubble on me all bots ( zombies ) go to the down players and keep attacking them when i closed my bubble they came back to attack me .
( that's the full description )
what you guys feed this zombies .they became smarter  1

is that's normal ? in any other map zombies had to freeze not moving ?
if i found that in any more maps i will take a screenshot and placed here

thanks for the reply !
Best Regards,
FrontZet 4
today in store map i opened  a bubble to go spec after that 1920 energy gone for nothing even if i tried to use bubble key to close it but it disappear in spec and energy gone anyway .