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Full Version: RotU 15/07/2021 Patch Note
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Hello dear community,

Today a new patch has been released with some new features. it also includes challenges

1 - The percentage on revive is now displayed for the revived player.
[Image: ce6289.png]

2 - New Challenge Hot Ass, spend 20 000 seconds in fire. (Thanks to Imo for this idea)
[Image: 67a30eb8.png]

3 - New Challenge Untouchable Reaper, Complete the Zom Shredder I & II + Untouchable to unlock this challenge. (Thanks to Ahmed for this idea)
[Image: c05f6c6cc.png]

4 - Auto kick spec feature. We decided to put in minutes because by wave it was quite punitive depending on the map
[Image: ee23b1165.png]

5 - OCB* has been added to the next maps : (Brecourt, Carentan, Chateau, Dawnville, Depot, Neuville, Pavlov, Rocket, Stalingrad, Avignon, Base, Bellicourt, Brest, Bridge, Brjansk, Cemetery, ColiseumClash, Doomed, Downtown, Duklapass, Dust, Flood, Leninsquare, Night, Town, Walkway)

6 - Now at the end of a map, the fire effect will be removed to avoid unnecessary deaths. (Thanks again to Imo for this idea)

See you in game and enjoy 1

*OCB = Outside Coins Ban system

Best Regards MODS Team,
20000 seconds is to much in fire. Fire is only in wave 18. Toxic is good 20000s, but no in fire.
And afk, after 3 waves.
hi all,

wooooow Great hard work , i'm in love with the new updata . and a lot of maps ( OCB ) too .
Great job guys , Thanks  53

one more thing i think 20000 seconds is to much for fire.
20000 seconds in toxic is possible because toxic are in wave 4 , Crawler , mixed and final wave . and fire will be in wave 18 what about if fire can be 8000 seconds .

Best Regards,
FrontZet 4
Untouchable Reaper, you can die for this challenge?
hi all,

yes fiks if you died because of anything but not a zombie hand Tongue  you still have your progress and it's good that way 5000 kills is a big number without a touch .

and you can have progress with turrets too i tried it.

Best Regards,
FrontZet 4
I like 20000 secs for hot ass it gonna be long and hard looks interesting
tesa how you can get 20,000 sec in fire it's one wave for fire . it's not like gas
i completed 49 / 61 challenges till now and i can till you it will be too much long to be done believe me .
means we have to earn 20000 secs in fire only in one match ?? if the progress is saved even in the next game then its fine i like it