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Full Version: Helga bug
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hi all,

In Map store Wave 17 We staped Helga till we got Messege ( Now Shoot Her ) Everyone had Weapons Activated but i still have Helga Knife . i think that happened while reviving a player . and my weapons just gone no pistol no first or second gun .

here some screen shots .

Best Regards,
youssef osama

Yes it happens we have already complained alot about it and admins said they will work on it ..and j hope they are doing so ..anyways thanks for reminding
Hello Youssef,

we are aware of this issue of changing weapon from knife to main weapons, this bug was fixed and and reappeared following the October 2020 update.
I'm reporting this issue to Fabio and we'll see what we can do about it.

Best Regards MODS Team,