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Full Version: Premium Drop Event (1 Month Premium)
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Hello dear players!

I will be on July 9th, 2021 (in one week)
start a drop event on Discord and Twitch!.

The users have to be with me in the voice channel for a maximum of 1 hour (Discord) and of course talk and play with me!
The players are not allowed to come in the voice channel and STAY AFK. You have to play and talk actively.

I will note all users who have held 1 hour, and at the end I will insert all users at a random picker to announce the winner.
There is only one winner.

Duration of the event: 1 to 2 hours.
Start of the Event:
21:00 p.m.
Event Prize: Premium (1 Month).
Discord: RotU Discord.

At 9 p.m. I will be in the Voice Channel on our Discord server.

Event Organizer:
Mambu (Discord: mambuu#2856)
For questions, contact me @ Discord or via PM (Website)
best regards,
hi all, 53

Good idea  113 .

i have old thread in ( 28th June, 2021 ) related to this Event........ ......but now maybe that will encourage all to play and talk actively on voice channels ( Discord or Twitch ) .

Your idea better than mine 113  i hope all join and talk actively like we do on the written chat on screens . it will be more Fun 1 .

Best Regards, 53
FrontZet 4
great idea and the prize is totally worth it Heart . too bad that the only thing am good at it is being  afk  12
You can be AFK, but not the 1 hour or 30 Min.
You can go Smoke, go WC or get ur Drink, all No problem.
I just mean, its not allowed to join the Voice channel and just beeing there without Talking or smth like that.
You need to talk.

and ofc thanks for the feedback! - if this event is going Fine i will do more of these events.
its a sure good idea thanks but i dont know about the timing much cause im from different country and u time and our time is different so can u plz announce the time
i announced the time... 21:00 p.m (9 a.m.) (Evening)
i dont know wich time is it in ur Country...

This time what i announced is the EUROPE Time
hi all, 53

To know what time it will be in your country you can go to mambu profile ( ) and see his local time ( icon on the left side ) and compare it to time in your country or your city 113  .
for me 9 pm means 9 pm and so on for you guys see what time is yours .

i hope all join and talk actively it will be more Fun !  9

Best Regards, 53
FrontZet 4