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Full Version: MODS Application
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Hello everyone, this is my application for MODS i hope you enjoy it
Real Name: Luca

Age: 23

i live in germany and come from hamburg

InGame: [PeTerPaN]

Level: 46

Time Played: i have 16 hours of play time (but it will change in the days because i will play a lot more now.)

i played a lot on cod 1 and cod uo servers

I don't have a ban.


i want to join the clan because you are all good people, it is always fun to play with you.

I hope I am accepted Thank you.
my vote is no cause ur too new to the server plz play more time and re apply again
Hey Peterino,

Good application, however - i think your Playtime is a little bit to low. like i said yesterday. but i think u are a great dude, for me its a YES.
Wish you good Luck!

best regards,
Hello Luca,

you looks a bit new on our server, MODS isn't a team it's more like a familly.
If you play a bit more time ain't gonna be a problem for me.

For me there's no problems with you, you just too new.

Best Regards MODS Team,
My vote is yes. You are good player, and you undrstand this game.
Good application , you are a good guy i saw you in game before , you just need more time in game and up your level .

my vote is yes .

Good luck .
Hi PeterPan, thanks for your application.
You're very new to RotU and we don't really know you. I see you're a nice guy but we'd like to get in touch with you a bit better.
Your application will be declined for now, but you meet any other criteria. No need to re-apply, just ask again here in a few weeks.

Best regards,