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Full Version: The Year 2020
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[Image: 7ef9ee25.png]

Firstly we would like to thank you for your support!
Thank you for playing RotU!
Thank you for donating!
Thank you for being an awesome community!

Sadly in 2019 the statistics were too bad to mention them. But in 2020 we worked very hard to make RotU better than ever.
We introduced many updates, changes and adjustments. The backend has been optimized and patch servers have been deployed on all versions on vCoD.
These patch servers brought us many new players, more than ever.

In order to keep the servers online and to keep up our work,
please consider buying Premium, Coins, Double XP or simply donate!
Thank you very much!

[Image: unicef.png?v3]

This year we had a special event, we collected a lot of money for charity.
In total we collected 451€ and could donate 100% of that to unicef. (Proof of Donation)
Thanks a lot to all donators! But unicef needs donations not only at christmas, please feel free to donate on your own!

2020 is already over and I think we can be proud of ourselves.
Look at this awesome statistics of the year!

Website Visitors: 30,581
Website Views: 245,920

Most visited page: GameServer (54,436 - 22,24 % of all visits)
Most visited user: Fiks (5,051- 2,06 % of all visits)

Total Games: 19,016 (Wins: 2,791 - Loses: 16,225)
Total PlayTime: 8,249 Hours (344 Days)
Total Kills: 29,269,454
Total Score: 23,072,942,165

Average Kills / Game: 1,539
Average Score / Game: 1,213,344
Average Players / Game: 5

Most Failed Wave: 1 (2,486 Times)
Most Played Map: Store (1,491 Times)

Most Players in a Game: ID 117731 (Players: 24)
Most valuable Game: ID 113209 (Score: 15,361,274)

Collected Coins: 28,624
Collected Presents: 435,084 (in only 1 Month!)
Placed Turrets: 217,833
Placed GL Turrets: 92,161
Placed Zombie Mines: 24,651
Placed Mortars: 55,142
Revived Players: 678,085

We increased the statistics a lot from 2019 to 2020! Well done!!!
Additionally the player average increased a lot during the year and we reached a new record of most players online (29 Players in November).
Look at this! You guys are awesome!

[Image: 7c66056.png] [Image: dbe10185a.png]

And again, thank you so much! Can we beat this statistics in 2021?
I'm really looking forward to playing with you again in the next year!

The MODS Team wishes you an awesome start into the new year!

In the name of the whole MODS Team, best regards,

Most Failed Wave 1? Lol
(01-03-2021, 04:53 PM)fiks Wrote: [ -> ]Most Failed Wave 1? Lol

Haha yes.. Apparently so
Wave 1 is the most failed wave? WHAT?!