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Full Version: TIP [ Faster Walking,Sprinting ]
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Hello soldiers,

I know most UO players are unfamiliar with the most famous bug in the Quake 3 engine. This is a known bug by almost every player in Call of Duty 2 Zombies.

I am a good person and I want to help you save some time.

So I made this video to share this knowledge with you and to show and prove that you can walk and run faster than usual.


$ECTE aka Prawy
Hey Prawy,

Yes effectively this is a common bug but very cool to use.

1 - This bug is from game engine so we can't give a sanction for that.
2 - This not giving a big advantage to player to be considered like a cheat.
3 - Thanks to share a good trick for non premium players

Best Regards MODS Team,