Reign of the Undead - Revolution

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Hi all .
Nobody has noticed that the percentage of bad power ups has increased by more than 60 percent (penis, visit web, cutte girl, nothing and etc ...)
Has this been done on purpose?
 I have bad luck?
I would like to see comments and if you are in agreement with me, propose to eliminate the power up.
Thank you
Aloha Min,

As you know i'm not playing often at the moment, but i think power ups are random. There is no percentage set.
I think Fabio will answer better for the technical question...
But from my experience of the game, sometimes you can had realy bad luck with them hahaha.
And i'm not for deleting the Pu's.

Cheers 1
I have the same lucky, last time when I play only with Sanya 3x Pu and 3 time Penis. If he take all was good. So I think it's lucky. And like say Harmony, is random 1
Good luck for find good PU
This happens with me too.