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Full Version: [TIPS]Commands and Save account
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Dear Reign of the Undead Community !

I have open new thread about tips in game to learn you how to save up your account  (This thread is following West Thread about Basics and Strategies.)

Commands in-game

PS: If you want  operational commands you need always [!] don't forget!, and great parts of commands isn't write up because they're only for administrators or master administrators!!!

!like : Like the current map.
!dislike : Dislike the current map.
!maprating : Show rating of the current map
!topliked : Show the most liked map ever.
!topdisliked : Show the most disliked map ever.
!time : Show the current server time (GMT +1 / West European time)
!register : Register to our forum.
!admins : Show online admin on the server.
!playerinfo [name] : Replace [name] with a playername or a part of his name. Shows where the specified player is from and his GUID !!!
!stats : Shows your game statistics (Level,Kills,Deaths,Online time, ...).
!report : Replace [name] with a playername or a part of his name and and write reason of report. Admins will receive notification. All the command abuses will be sanctioned !!!r

Main Binds in-game

PS: for [key] you can set X as P!!

bind [key] vsay drop weapon : You can only drop weapons primary and secondary weapons not pistol, nades/flashbangs, tomahawks/knives.
bind [key] vsay spent skp : It's a shortcut for open Skillpoint menu.
bind [key] vsay show gametime : Shows the ellapsed game time (useful for Speedy challenge)
bind [key] vsay 7 a : It's a shortcut for deploy bubble (cost : 10 Energy / s).
bind [key] vsay 7 b : It's a shortcut for enable nightvision (cost : 5 Energy / s).
bind [key] vsay 7 c : it's a shortcut for enable flashlight (cost : 2 Energy / s).
bind [key] vsay 7 d : it's a shortcut for enable 200% damage (cost : 2 Energy / s).
bind [key] vsay 1 9 : it's a shortcut for call a medic, all spam with MEDIC command will be sanctioned!!!

Save your account

PS: Is not for recover your account , you has only (RotU- Keygen for that)!!!!

Step 1 : 

[Image: 02e29411c.jpeg]
Go in your Call of Duty folder, find and open "modsrotuv1" folder . Now open "do_not_delete" folder . You can also copy-paste this link (C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty\modsrotuv1\do_not_delete).

[Image: 12210aac9.jpeg]
now copy your data.cfg and paste with name data (2).cfg (don't forget (2) cause windows will give an error).

[Image: b4f069cb5.jpeg]
When your data.cfg is zeroed, go back in do_not_delete folder, delete file named data.cfg and change name of data (2).cfg into data.cfg !

Link for more information

West Post

Best Regards MODS Team,